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Walking through a grey drizzle, playing something slow and sweet on your headphones. A car splashes a puddle, waving ripples through the reflection of the streetlight, while the song hits that good part- and you become cinematic. This moment means something, and you are not alone. 


Walking to that job interview, bumping beats through your ear drums- will they ask this question- how will I respond. Then the song hits that stride- the same as your nervous paces, and your mind stops- for just long enough you square your shoulders- and step into the elevator. 

I am an environment designer. I dj from the dance floor taking the energy of a room in hand and flowing with it- responding to it, giving it life in sound.  The right music can make a moment, take it and reflect it back as larger-than-life, epic, cinematic. And here we all are- bouncing and raging and ALIVE! Together.



Award-winning audio drama


This track was used during the set up and early establishment of the Season 5 Launch party. Track includes a few obvious technical difficulties as the "Company" is tuning in and gearing up for the show, and as the audience begin to enter and mingle. Somewhere in the bowls of the Hartlife Company tower is one very handy engineer.

Audience members aurally experienced the disjointed party being built around them at the open of the House. Cued to start the show right on time.




An inspirational mix track used to illustrate concepts in a directors meeting for 20% Theatre's production and adaptation of Sophocles Electra & Orestes. Heavy metal mashups and bullet rhythmes . 

WARNING: Might be sensitive material for young ears. Probably NSFW

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